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The Hip Reporter Interviews Caroline Furiate, An Unexpected Twentysomething

























I’m probably a little bit partial to my next interviewee. She’s my daughter, Caroline Furiate. I decided to interview her not completely out of nepotism (although to be candid,  the interview did have its roots in the ease of interviewing her because I know her intimately) but really, I mostly interviewed her because she has a freakishly incredible sense of style. 

Caroline has always had a streak of rebel coursing through her veins. Her auburn hair has always made her stand out anywhere she has gone and not always in the ways she’d have liked to. As her mom, I knew this fiery hair would be a lightning rod for often negative attention from her peers growing up. So I figured the best thing I could do would be to work my a** off with her, cultivating a sense of style and confidence about the way she dressed, the way she presented herself to the world. I knew her clothing choices would serve as her armor against the teasing.  I knew right off the bat her look would need to be impeccable. I’d need to foster her confidence in her image in many ways; clothing became a piece of the confidence ‘pie’, so to speak. 

She’s always chosen the road less traveled when it comes to clothing and her style. When her friends were hipsters, she’d be prep then when they’d be preppy, she’d flip to being a downtown hipster.  There were a few years where I just had to turn  a blind eye to her personal preferences or I’d have indigestion. The Doc Martin years and hipster years when all she wore was black  and I couldn’t dream of getting her in a dress or heels– it was pretty tough for me, I’ll be honest.

But now that she’s graduated from college, a career girl and truly on her own, I’ve had mother’s pride watching her style choices become more sophisticated, refined and perfectly appropriate for all that she is. I love going shopping with her. Now I do the asking,”Caroline, does this look ok on me?” Her approval means the world to me. 

Here follows a fun interview I did with her recently about her style. By the way, she graduated with an art degree so don’t expect to hear her to be mainstream. Nope. As always, she’s still zigging when everyone else is zagging. 























(Yes, Caroline met Tory Burch.  A little fuzzy but that is definitely Caroline and that is definitely Tory Burch.)


Hip Reporter (Mom):  Caroline, thanks for doing this interview. It’s been a year in the making! So. Whose style has influenced you the most?

Caroline:  Yours. Because I remember you always saying two specific things to me growing up:

One, you’d always quote Marc Jacobs. He once was quoted as saying that ‘You shouldn’t look ‘perfect.’ Something has to be a little off.’ 

And two, you always taught me to keep my look classic but with a touch of modern cool so I would never look back on pictures of myself and cringe at what I was wearing.




(Caroline and a college art project she created.)







Hip Reporter:  Favorite designer and why? 

Caroline:  Rag and Bone. I love them because they have everything. It’s a complete collection every season. It’s comfortable, cool. They’re known for creating these chic simple structured black neutral pieces and I love pairing Rag and Bone with classic designers like Ralph Lauren. There’s no more perfect look than taking an edgy Rag and Bone t-shirt and putting it with a structured Ralph Lauren hacking jacket. 


















Hip Reporter:  You wear a lot of blazers. Who makes your favorite? 

Caroline:  Alexander Wang, (above) . But on my budget, I love J Crew’s ‘Boyfriend Blazer.’ They’re cut great.


Hip Reporter:  Biggest fashion faux pas you see female customers committing while working at Nordstroms.

Caroline:  There are more fashion mistakes that I see than fashion successes, honestly. Generally the biggest mistake I see that bothers me are women who match everything they’re wearing and women who follow popular trends to their detriment. Your clothing is supposed to be a reflection of your personality; if you can’t put together a creative outfit that reflects who YOU are, then you’re telling the world you have nothing particularly interesting to offer.










(Caroline prefers to never see these again.)


Hip Reporter:  What one thing do you wish that they’d never wear again?

Caroline:  Well, I hate neon colors. And I hate over plucked eyebrows. And I wish they’d give the oversized Michael Kors boyfriend watches a rest. I’m sick of blue jeans too. Every girl pairs everything with blue jeans. Find something more creative to wear. And most of them–their jeans don’t fit right.















(Pseudo peasant look courtesy of Anthropologie. According to Caroline, no thank you.)


Hip Reporter:  What would you never be caught dead wearing?

Caroline:  Go into Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie. Pick out any unstructured, messy, sloppy, lacey, pastel, flowers, prints, pseudo-hippie stuff– and that’s what I’d never be caught dead wearing.  I think the lines to a piece of clothing are often more important than anything else when you’re dressing yourself. More important than the pattern of the fabric, more important than the lace and all the other unnecessary details are the lines of of what you’re wearing and how crisp they are, how well structured they are designed. Having a simple outfit is more effective than having a loud outfit. If you can consolidate your outfit and make it really clean, that’s more of a statement than anything else.


The Hip Reporter:  Haven’t I always said that beautiful, well made clothing should be like architecture, like steel girders supporting the human frame? That’s why when you buy say, a piece from Yves St Laurent or CHANEL–the really good stuff–the seams and construction when you turn it inside out is like architecture. It’s so detailed and involved and like a piece of wearable art –and it creates these lines on whoever wears it, that serve to make them a more beautiful, structured version of themselves. 


The Hip Reporter:  Describe your style. 

Caroline:  My style is ready for a night at an art gallery show or a night on the couch with my cats, either or. I’m ready for anything and nothing.  Which is a good place to be, right?




















(She urges her peers to consider entering the adult world of fashion now. Here she is,  her peeps own best example.)


The Hip Reporter:  What would you like to see your peers wear more of? Less of?

Caroline:  I think my peers need to pretty much get rid of the adolescent clothing they have been wearing through college. They need to veer away from so much color. Go more tailored.

Now at this stage of our lives, it’s really more about presenting ourselves to the world versus yelling to the world what who we are, what we like and what social group we’re  a part of.

The Hip Reporter:  I call that being a grown up!



The Hip Reporter:   Finish this sentence:  I am happiest when I am wearing _________ because  __________________.










(Have one of these laying around? Hide it if Caroline’s nearby.)


Caroline:  Track pants, a Rag and Bone sweatshirt, Tory Burch wedge boots, my mom’s vintage CHANEL brooch and a blazer because it’s all so comfortable cool.


The Hip Reporter:  I give you $3000 gift card to freshen your closet. What are you going to do with it? 


1. Stuart Weitzman high heeled boots.


















(Stuart Weitzman boots on Giselle. Caroline will take a pair, thanks.)



2. Alexander Wang blazer–because they’re just the best out there

3. Top Shop track pant

4. A Yves St Laurent Grimes Project graphic t-shirt below.














5. Arthur George socks–yes, that Arthur George–Rob Kardashian’s sock line. My mom got them as a joke for me and now I am obsessed with them.









(Kardashian fashion? Sigh. Yes.)


6. A Shineola watch and another Giles and Brother bracelet




(Made in the Motor City and pretttttty cool.)


7. A Carven sweatshirt









(A Carven sweatshirt. Not just any old sweatshirt. And not just any old price, trust me.)


 The Hip Reporter:  If you had to dress from a favorite decade, what would it be and why? 

Caroline:  Now. We have so many more options now. If you’re dressing bad in this decade, it’s your own fault.



The Hip Reporter:  Name three iconic pieces you hope to acquire someday…(clothing, jewelry, shoes, accessories, whatever)






























(A note from The Hip Reporter: This is the essence of my daughter. While others would love a CHANEL handbag or a Burberry trench, Caroline, in true Caroline form, thinks very outside the box. Thus, her answers to this question.)





The Hip Reporter:  Favorite handbag.

Caroline:  Small, classic, leather no-logo bags. My classic Coach is such a favorite. It’s years old but it still looks appropriate for this decade and this time of my life. I also love Chloe and  Phillip Lim handbags; they do good, classic leather bags.













The Hip Reporter:  Favorite shoes: 

Caroline:  Any lace up boot with a heel. Frye (above) is always classic– but anything that catches my eye.













Hip Reporter:  Favorite perfume.  

Caroline:  Marc Jacob’s men’s cologne. Yes, the men’s.


The Hip Reporter:  Most fashionable human you could imagine meeting. (Could be dead or alive.)  

Caroline:  Can I pick a roomful of people?

Hip Reporter: Because you are my daughter, yes.

Caroline:  Sadly they are mostly men. David Bowie, Patrick Stewart (from Star Treck fame, below) Tom Ford, Kanye West, Kate Middleton, my mom, Yoko Ono.




Hip Reporter: Kanye West? Patrick Stewart? Yoko Ono? Wow. Without words. Totally unexpected!















Hip Reporter:  Last Question…who’s your favorite artist?







Caroline:  I was an art major so I appreciate so many different artists. But currently I’ve been fascinated with the textile movement and performance art. In essence, just taking ‘art’ off the canvas. I love Shelia Hicks who’s an older woman who has been weaving larger than life fabric art for decades, below. I love Nick Cave too, who is an artist from Chicago who is making ‘Sound Suits’ (above) which are large human-esque costumes and they’re used for both performing and displaying.















Thanks for sharing your unexpected answers, Caroline.  I had ball. Heck, I’ve had a ball for twenty-four years with you. It’s been a great ride.  


Stay tuned for more interviews!




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2014 ‘Moments of Fashion Gold’


Power 105.1 Powerhouse 2013















I was thinking the other day how I hadn’t done my annual “Hip Report Best Dressed for 2014.”

I’ve totally shirked my duties as fashion pundit and bailed on my annual Ten Best Dressed.

But every time I would drag myself to the computer to compile my list, I would stare at it, thinking of nightmarish moments like this (and above)  from last year:


71st Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals
























Paula Patton at the Golden Globes wearing a unfurled Charmin toilet paper roll down the side of her dress.  A beautiful woman but an unfortunate fashion choice.


Or this:




Kim Kardashian in Balmain at the 2014 Grammys. Model Joan Smalls at the same event looking infinitely better and far less slutty. –But I do like Kardashian’s shoes better, for the record.



Or this:




AARP-er Madonna flashes her grill. Completely ick. 


Or this:





Anna Wintour pretends that Rhianna is not completely naked beside her–but we all know there’s only a  thin veil of Swarovski crystals and a pelt between her and us. (rolling eyes)  

















Miley Cyrus making moms everywhere panic over the trajectory of their own daughters, no matter how much direction they try to give them in their informative years. 



It is a deeply flawed world we live in these days. No longer does vulgarity seem, well, vulgar. It sells a lot of movies, records, magazines and gets a lot of hits on the internet. And it’s translating into fashion faster than you can say Ralph Lauren.

You may not see such an overtly stupid display of skin in the most expensive barely there outfit on a celeb in person in your lifetime. But all you have to do is go to a mall, a theme park, a movie theater–anywhere where the average human being gathers and trust me, you’ll get an eyeful even at the amateur level. It’s well near impossible these days not to be assaulted by a stranger’s boob or butt, either on grand public display or swathed in the most shrink wrapped clothing you yourself can’t imagine getting in to.

It’s just the profoundly sad over sexualization of America.  Thank you Hollywood. Thank you. Really.  Thank you for trying to convince us that we need to see twerking and butt selfies and evening gowns on red carpets that are literally x-rated. Thank you for assuring us that it is compelling to see a fifty something singer delude herself into thinking she is the best version of herself looking like a slutty 20 year old. (Madonna in case you’re wondering.)

So where do I start? Who last year were the tasteful, the salmon swimming upstream against the flotsam and jetsam that is pop culture?

















I could nominate Kate Middleton again but she had a bit of a dull year to be honest. Her dresses were far too prim for her age and the lack of prints and fresh silhouettes disappointed me often. I’m tired of her LK Bennett pumps. I crave seeing her toes (weird, right?) in some strappy sandals and I cringe when I see her in the peplum-ed two piece suits because they make her unnecessarily frumpy and I think her evening wear has fallen short from her past glory days a few years ago, below.
















Kate in Alice Temperly, 2012


Photo credit: Getty Images




















Kate in Jenny Packham, 2011

It’s not to say Kate has let the world down because she still is a bright light amongst the general dimness of our oft disappointing celebrities. But she’s just not putting a twinkle in my eye or a sigh in my breath lately.  No, I think the Queen Mum has gotten ahold of beautiful Kate and nerded her up. And aged her style greatly, especially this past year.

So I’m going to take a different approach as I reflect back on 2014. It’s just too hard to pick a consistently well-dressed woman because the moment they are catching your eye and your fancy and helping you regain all your hope in humanity again, they fall so short the next time,  you wonder if you’re looking at the same person.


These are in no particular order. They are simply 2014′s Moments of Fashion Gold:



Iman at the CFDA Awards
























Turning 60 this year, Iman just shocks and awes.

I’ll just get it out of the way: very few sixty year olds have this kind of style. Most have either given up or are in a tragic time warp from their glory days in the 70′s.

Iman has spent a lifetime being feminine and yet more a beauty and fashion icon than any Kardashian out there could ever, ever hope to be. And she’s done it without social media, gratuitous nudity and selfies. I miss the days before iPhones, Twitter accounts, Instagram shots– when Avedon or Scavullo shot mega models like her with impeccable lighting, incredible settings, all while wearing an Ungaro, an Alaia or a Mugler that hinted at sexuality and femininity but never screamed it.  (Oh–and if you don’t know any of those names, I honestly feel sorry for you. You missed a great decade or two in fashion back in the 80′s and 90′s.)

Here Iman rocks a Juan Carlos Obando, one of my break out designers for 2014,highlighted in a past Hip Report.  Jenna Lyons, Creative Director for J Crew featured a capsule collection by him last year and your Hip Reporter snagged the blue blouse Iman is wearing. It’s nothing short of magnificence on.

For all that she is and inspires us to be–for the hope she gives us ‘past a certain age’–Iman at the CFDA was truly a moment of ‘Fashion Gold.’


The Burberry Monogrammed Blanket Cape on SJP, RHW, CJD and OP














Well, I’m kinda cheating a bit. But what item of clothing screamed 2014 most and made it wearers look completely perfect? — It was the sold-out-everywhere Burberry blanket cape from the Fall ’14 collection,  with that to die for monogram font.

Sarah was spotted wearing it walking her little twin daughters to school. Rosie Huntington-Whitely (model) was spotted wearing hers with the most fabulous pair of suede gray boots and modern fedora. Cara Delivigne sashayed down the Burberry runway with hers. Olivia Palermo wore hers with over-the-knee boots and tweed shorts. In August.

They all looked extraordinary. The rest of us can be a little pissed we never got one.


The Make-Under Not Heard ‘Round the World…But It Should Have Been


























Back in the early fall, a magazine cover came out to the complete disregard of the mainstream. It was a generally unheard of magazine and it’s model, though beautiful, wasn’t anyone recognizably famous. Or was she?

Folks, this the Pamela Anderson we know.













And the magazine cover…that’s Pamela Anderson too. Done demur. It’s Pamela with a little bit of what, Catholic school girl (?) East Coast Girls Prep School (?). It’s also unbelievable.

Pamela Anderson inside_720x1080

























When this cover came out, I couldn’t stop staring at it. It was Pamela Anderson without all the gloppy makeup, her eyebrows weren’t over plucked, her boobs were nicely contained and her skin wasn’t spray tanned and her hair wasn’t bigger than a beachball and rattier than a stray dog’s fur. This was what Pam Anderson could potentially look like if she quit being what she thought was a man’s porno fantasy.

Granted, the shoot was a little over-styled in the sense that no grown woman should go out of the house with bows and looking like a 3rd grader. But you get what I’m saying–this photo shoot is what happens when someone famous for their sexuality puts it somewhat under wraps and gets out of the image they persistently, to their detriment, always see themselves as. It’s what happens when Pamela Anderson gets out of lycra and in to organic fibers.

In some ways, this shoot makes me sad. For the Pam Anderson that could have been had she not taken a walk on the ahem, tartier side.  But it does inspire me. Because it proves that this kind of overt sexuality we’re being fed by the media, it isn’t in a woman’s best interest. It’s aging and it’s ugly. And for once, I think Pamela looks breathtaking without all the lies she’s been fed about herself.


Blake Lively’s Pregnancy

I never thought Blake Lively would be so truly compelling pregnant. Truth be told, I have found her style on occasion in the past to be a little too “Orange County Va Va Voom Meets Barbie.” A lot of the time she lets Michael Kors dress her but all too often her dresses have been too short and she persists in wearing those ugly mile high Flintstone looking Loubitons the Kardashians made famous; I hate them.  Even Blake can’t redeem those unsightly pumps.

But her recent pregnancy brought the feminine out in her and it was to beautiful and fresh effect. I hope she ditches that Orange County stuff and just goes with the new and improved look.  Throughout her pregnancy, one minute she was a little bit boho,  then part glam and and then at times very  urban modern.  It all worked so splendidly. rs_634x1024-141017132844-634.-blake-lively-shopping-toys-baby-101714 rs_634x1024-141205085033-634.Blake-Lively-Pregnancies-Stripe-Fashion.jl.120514 rs_634x1024-141208121652-634.Blake-Lively-JR-120814 rs_634x1024-141211162401-634.Blake-Lively-Pregnant-Plaid-NYC.1214





































































































































































































I can only hope that Lively continues her pregnancy mojo even though she has delivered and that she keeps up her more mature, more modern looks. Maybe her off again on again Malibu Barbie So Cal vibe will officially be left behind.

Lately she’s been sweet inspiration for us all, whether we are expecting or well beyond those fertile years.


A Unexpected Treat: Amal Clooney’s Trousseau



















Who would guess that this English barrister would capture the attention and ultimately fancy of America’s leading man, George Clooney. But she did and I suspect she did it without the wig. I can’t look at this picture and not giggle–not out of mean spiritedness but we Americans,  just don’t get why these ridiculous things are necessary in English courts. But whatever, they are and we can’t be too hard on our friends across the pond. They gave us Kate Middleton. And for that, I personally will be forever grateful.

So when an actor took a wife, who knew he took someone who could wear a barrister’s wig with some amount of dignity but most especially,  who could clean up so Jackie Kennedy perfect? Her trousseau for her Venice wedding just took the cake, the ice cream, the nuts and the mints.























Each pre wedding look showcased a woman who understood style. Not fashion. But style. She looked camera ready in every shot, with varied colors, silhouettes and lengths. She smiled warmly, waved appropriately and just generally seemed to be made to order for the position of Mrs. Clooney.











I’ll admit, I didn’t hold up too much hope for Amal. I wasn’t sure she could see her way through the daunting jungle that is fashion –and fashion under the cruel microscope that is the American paparazzi. But she did. She did. She did.

And she did it well enough to quiet the naysayers and win the respect of tasteful pundits everywhere. Like myself.
The Magnificent Transformation of Miranda Lambert














I’m not a country music fan at all. I grew up with the country outside my back door and while lovely, I didn’t find the music resonated with me.  I have developed a notable appreciation of Johnny Cash over the years but maybe that’s because he always wore black and was this bad boy renegade kind of character which is naughtily compelling to me. But country music, no thanks. I couldn’t tell you anything going on in Nashville and that’s fine with me.












A look available at honky tonk store near you. 

Wait. Except the miraculous transformation of Miranda Lambert. It started in 2013 but in 2014, it just kept getting better and better.

I couldn’t tell you one song she sings. I couldn’t tell you much about her except I know she was country cliche and frumpy but now she is definitely not.  And this transformation has been exciting to watch. I love seeing a girl that has been trying  too hard to be mainstream and her version of sexy and pretty and it’s really just some really bad version based on a lack of knowledge of herself, fashion and style.  But somewhere along the line she sees the light, maybe gets a stylist, finds better people to ask, “Does this look good on me?” and she completely updumps her dumpy look and finds the best and most beautiful and freshest version of herself.  You just can’t help but cheer.



























It all started when Lambert hit the  2013  CMA red carpet with her husband Blake Shelton after loosing a bit of weight and revamping her basic country-themed style. She went from cheesy to Cavalli at warp speed and everyone was talking about her new look. It was modern, simply wonderful to behold and you just wanted to give her a standing ovation.

(The country music highway is paved with women who just can’t extrapolate themselves from the cliched country look that ages them and simply does their beauty and talent no justice. Yes, yes, we know you look good in Daisy Dukes on a pile of hay with a virginal white top on.  But it’s stupid.)

Anyway, since her 2013 makeover, Lambert has been on the fast track as one of country music’s best dressed women.  She’s the one girl in Nashville I’ve got my eye on for 2015.














































She’s had more home runs in 2014, solidifying that the royal blue Cavalli gown was not a fluke.  Who knew she had all this incredible, in her?



And the Award Goes To……

The Red Carpet could also be called ‘The Red Sinkhole’, for all too often  too many well-intentioned starlets walk down it clueless, swallowed in the quagmire that is fashion quicksand.

Looking to stand out, set a trend, wear the best designer name or establish themselves as burgeoning fashion icons, many a victim has been sucked into the darkness that is (cue foreboding music) ‘Fashion Victim.’

Everyone’s been there. From Julia Roberts to Sandra Bullock to Nicole Kidman — even the A listers slip and fall flat once in awhile.

In 2014, two bright stars stood out on the most of important of red carpet nights.

First, Emma Watson, who, in my humble opinion very, very rarely trips and stumbles. She’s young enough to pull off some unusual shapes that many could never dream of. Her makeup is always flawless which helps establish credibility when she’s attempting to pull off the sometimes ‘out there’ looks of couture.


71st Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals


71st Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals






































And so it was, at the 2014 Golden Globes, she wore the most peculiarly perfect pantsuit by Christian Dior. It was met with mixed reviews. I think you either loved it or hated it.

For your Hip Reporter, it got an enthusiastic Best Dressed because of its uniqueness and the simply chic way Watson pulled it all off. Classic makeup  and a low chignon at the nape of her neck made it all impeccable and beautiful to behold. This was French couture done right and worn even right-er. (I know that’s not really a word.) To top it all off, she chose cobalt blue heels which was daring and refreshing. Done in black, they would have made the outfit less artful. It was a very unique silhouette and one that odds are, will get dissed quickly by traditionalists and fashion critics. But I thought it was a chance Watson took that paid off handsomely. In a sea of ‘safe’ evening gowns which is usually the Red Carpet, this ‘different’ look was neither ‘too out there’ or ‘too sexy.’ As Baby Bear said in ‘The Three Bears’–it was just right.






The girl who stole the show at the Oscars in 2014 was Gwyneth Paltrow in the white Tom Ford gown and cape.

When we think of Hollywood and glam, this is it in one neat package.  I just can’t say much more. This is Hollywood–end of sentence.

We all love to hate on Paltrow but more often than not, her fashion choices are on point. And her collaboration with Tom Ford ensured that she was ‘the’ It Girl that night. Sure Lupita was exquisite and Cate Blanchett was as she always is, immaculate. But Gwyneth owned the evening.

More often than not, Gwyenth has an innate sense of what to wear, how and when.  You’d be surprised how hard that is for most women, no matter how well-intentioned we all are–that is, being stylish and modern for the occasion, for our bodies and our personality.


So there you have it. My 2014 ‘Moments of Fashion Gold.’ Maybe not what you expected but that’s what I’m best at…throwing you a few fashion curveballs to see if you’re listening…

Now let’s see what good and evil fashion 2015 brings us. Stay tuned…





















almost there….

































































































































































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Wang-ed Out at Balenciaga





















If you’ve ever had the pleasure of owning anything Alexander Wang, you’ll understand my swooning.


Walt Disney Concert Hall








I have a few of his pieces –and a magnificent pair of heeled sandals. They remind me of some Gehry building (above)– those bands of steel the architect is so famous for, translated by Wang into leather bands, wrapped around my feet in a gorgeously designed composition. But that’s Wang for you–the hybridization of the urban into his feminine designs. Somehow he manages to make his besotted fans (as I am)  look incredibly, amazingly modern never at the cost of de-feminizing them.

Alexander Wang has been designing for Balenciaga since November of 2012; he replaced Nicholas Ghesquiere who had been at the helm for 15 years.  It seemed like an odd appointment to such a storied and traditional French design house founded by Spanish designer Cristobal Balenciaga.  After all, Wang is about as NYC downtown/urban as you can get and Balenciaga is about as elegant/proper as you can get. How this was going to transfer in to viable collections was anyone’s guess. Except Wang’s.

His work at Balenciaga has made me bitter I have no trust fund nor hopes for managing a hedge fund. Because if I did, I would be front and center with Kanye and Kim, watching Wang’s models sashay down that runway and I’d be furiously marking which Looks I wanted sent to Charlotte, North Carolina, stat.









Wang’s one of those young geniuses who is so influenced by his surroundings, ultimately portions of it will seep in to the threads of the collection.  His Spring 2015 pieces were inspired greatly by the Tour de France. Last summer during the Tour, Wang was in France and was taken with the biker’s kits and  the cleats which lock in to the rider’s pedals and are secured to the foot  with straps.


Bradley Wiggins








Says the designer:

I was here this summer, and the Tour de France was happening. I’m always kind of influenced by my environment. So the idea of cycling outfits—that’s where you saw all the mesh coming in, slivering into seams and on sleeves, and pushed up like cycling shirts with the little knit mock necks. The shoes were inspired by cycling shoes, but then they were embroidered and done in satin.  –

Most wouldn’t initially see the saturation of the Tour de France in this collection. But a second careful look at it all, offers up our ‘Ah ha’ moment. Yes, it’s definitely there if you care to discover it,in the mesh, in the body con silhouettes. And that’s why we love Wang. He’s not just some whiz kid designing terribly cool clothes. He’s got us wearing looks whose beginnings–well, this season they come from cyclists.

How flipping great is that.

_MON0226 _MON0258 _MON0283 _MON0403 _MON0431 _MON0667 _MON0813 _MON0849

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The Gilot Factor at Tory Burch, Spring 2015













I will make a confession.

At times I want to go on a permanent sabbatical from all things Tory Burch.

I get tired of seeing Reva flats at the airport.  I’ve put mine in storage for now. I’ll bring them out maybe some time in the future when they aren’t so mainstream, if that’s even possible.

The basic handbags all janked up with the Tory ‘T’ I see at the mall make me roll my eyes and sigh. No more I beg. Please. Burch has amazing handbags that are more creative, artistic, edgy. Less logo-ed. Pick those.

Truly, there is good Tory and bad Tory and why is it I see a bit too much of the bad and less of the good? Why don’t I see women doing what Tory does best: telling some artsy story with their clothes in the mishmash of it all.

But wow, was her spring collection 2015 was something to consider. It was gorgeous: the lines, the fabrics, the detail and the mix  of pattern that has become Burch’s trademark. Now I am back where I didn’t so much want to be–making another seasonal list of must- haves from the spring season. Sigh.









Burch’s muse for the collection was Françoise Gilot, Picasso’s muse and lover from 1944 to 1953, above.

The designer was inspired by Gilot, “Because she was a strong woman and a great artist.”



Gilot by Picasso, above










A Françoise Gilot painting

I’m not so sure I am down on the ‘great artist’ part of that statement but anyone who could live for just shy of ten years with an egomaniac like Picasso deserves to be called strong indeed.  Gilot in her youth was fresh and beautiful. She was the mother of two of Picasso’s children, Claude and Paloma, the latter of Tiffany’s design fame.













The iconic photograph of Gilot and Picasso, above, playful on the beach with Gilot being shaded by Picasso’s umbrella, served as perhaps the most potent image for Burch and her design team.

Says of the collection:

“A tunic top and matching long skirt were cut from a toile de Jouy pattern that depicted the cypress-surrounded villa in Vallauris where the couple lived for years. It was in Vallauris that Picasso developed the fascination with ceramics that would yield his most prodigious body of work. Burch showed pieces in engineered broderie anglaise that duplicated ceramic patterns.”











Picasso’s ceramics


Once again, despite my skepticism, Tory has nailed another season, often better than the uber designers out there. (Seen Michael Kors’ spring collection for this year? It’s scary.)

But once again, Burch gives her acolytes reason to stay faithful to the end: she offers a most generous helping of ‘cool’ when she asks them to be inspired by far-off places and fast-living artists they might not normally ever consider when they open their closet doors.

Thank you very much, I guess I’ll definitely have some more.


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It Happens to Us All




















Yes it does.  Aging happens to us all.

So get used to it and find a way to deal with it; maybe not embrace it but deal with it. Definitely don’t ignore it. You wouldn’t ignore trimming your hair or filing your nails or getting your teeth cleaned at the dentist. You wouldn’t ignore your skin and not SPF it (at least I hope you don’t) and at 50 you can’t ignore the beloved colonoscopy.

What you do as you age, is find a way to empower yourself. You find other ways to feel strong. To feel in control. (Though really, if we to be honest, we’d know that we are never completely in control and thinking that we are is a sham.)

Whether you’re 26 or 37 or 42 or 51 or beyond–each decade will require something of you in return for wisdom. In your 30′s you will notice your skin isn’t as resilient as it used to be. You’ll start to see fine lines by around 35 that form when you smile. You can’t stay out until all hours of the night and look as fresh as you did in your twenties.

In your 40′s, you’ll notice your face is starting to hollow a bit around the eyes and your cheekbones, your forehead lines are deeper and wow–you can’t get the weight off as easily as you once did. Now you’re paying for those extra glasses of wine.– And speaking of glasses–if you don’t have a pair already, in your 40′s you probably will.

By 50 you are really noticing the changes. Your stomach starts to get fluffier (credit that not necessarily to diet but to loss of collagen and estrogen), your neck begins to show age. Your eyes change, they become less open and wide-eyed; your skin is not as efficient at holding itself up. Your jawline begins to soften.

But what we give up to Mother Nature and our preprogrammed DNA (that goes rogue on us and completely lets us ‘down’ –both figuratively and literally speaking) we start to gain in wisdom. Honest to god, it’s true. We do get smarter.

I have often said that there is this powerful non-tolerant attitude that spikes by at least our mid 40′s and heightens in to our 50s. We no longer tolerate the banal, we suffer less and less stupidity. We finally ‘get’ that our time and talents are precious and we learn to say no where no is due.

For me, as I watched time start to steal bits here and there from me, I have found that yoga has been a real source of comfort and strength. I decided I needed to find a way to show myself that I could still have the playful spirit and flexible body I had as a little girl–or at least a portion of it.

I also employed other measures to stay more in control and feel strong through loss of youth–facials once a month, injectables and microderms weekly. I look at it as maintenance, just like dental exams and colonoscopies.






















The latest brouhaha about Cindy Crawford posing for the Latin America/Mexican Marie Claire magazine (first photo, above) has everything to do about age and the results of it and less to do about the woman. There she is for our critical eyes, to notice the glaring imperfections of her 48 year old body.  It appears this photo never made it to the spread, however other photos, heavily retouched, did, below.

Now come on. You’re 40-something and you see the retouched photos. And you compare yourself to them. How on earth do you think you are going to feel? Deficient? Unattractive? Old-looking?































You know, I think the most disturbing thing to happen to women started in the early 80′s with Vogue. I know I rant about this often enough but Anna Wintour, it’s long-time editor, has welded a dark power over the beauty and fashion industry that has been critical, unforgiving, youth and fame obsessed and completely unrealistic and impractical– and deeply unfair to women. Her magazine alone holds bully court over the world view of beauty.

Never ever in a bazillion years would she ever let Cindy go un-photoshopped at 48, on her perfect glossy pages which is such a shame because she is where fashion’s story begins and ends. She has a lot of control over what we wear and how we feel about ourselves. Don’t deny it; it’s true.

There was a story circulating that Wintour wanted to do a piece on breast cancer for Vogue. When presented by an editor with a story on a flight attendant’s struggle, Wintour panned it, wanting to profile someone more high-powered with status. Because power and status makes anything more compelling—– well, according to Anna. Look how her covers changed from models to Hollywood actresses. Women who get up in the morning and pretend for a living. At least we expect models to grace the covers of their profession. Not pretenders.





I suppose it takes a more ‘progressive’ country like Thailand, to be cooler, more hip, more in touch and infinitely more fashionable to put a range of women on the cover, simply because women come in ranges. Duh.

Is there a cut-off to being beautiful, fascinating, alluring, educated, experienced, visionary?

Apparently Anna Wintour thinks so. But thankfully Kullawit “Ford“ Laosuksri, above,  does not. He is the Editor in Chief of Thai Vogue which was released for the first time ever in January ’13.  In September ’14 he featured an 83 year old Carmen dell Orefice on the cover, below.

Yes, she was photoshopped on that cover. Yes, at 83 she has had ‘work’ done. But yes, she is inspiring with a capital ‘I’.  And Laosusksri is to be given an long ovation for being certainly a bit more progressive, enlightened, open-minded and fashionable than Ms. Wintour. And kinder to women.  Lucky Thailand. I wish we had his mojo at US Vogue; it’d be a welcome relief from the Hollywood, a** kissing Wintour.

Here follow some photos of the ravishing Orefice from the Thai shoot in September, below.

If you’re twenty, know youth doesn’t last; you barely have it before you must start to release little bits and pieces of it. If you’re thirty, this is your golden decade. If you’re forty, stand proud and own it. And if you’re 50 and beyond be grateful. And always, always no matter what decade you are in, get up every morning knowing that very day, you are the youngest and most beautiful you will ever be.

And Cindy Crawford in case you wanted to know, looks gorgeous.









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I think the moment I really decided ‘Lumber-Chic’ was a trend worth mentioning in The Hip Report was when I saw Gywneth Paltrow sporting this cool look recently:




















Not my favorite celebrity by any means but still one who does have some notable fashion sense, Gywneth at forty is always trying to find a way to stay ahead of the trends and  remain relevant in her middle age.  She usually does an admirable job and I have to give her credit for not being a tragic fashion victim which is easy to do in Hollywood when you get older and will do just about anything to get noticed/attention.  Nor does she pull out the ‘way too sexy’ card too late in life which is desperate and painful for the rest of us to witness.

No, Ms Paltrow generally always looks inspirational and for the most part, modern and lovely. And her in this demure but very chic A-Line black skirt paired with a casual plaid blouse and booties is pretty fabulous.

Why? Because there’s tension in this outfit…that black skirt would normally be paired with a dressier silk blouse and pumps. But Gwyneth gives us fashion food for thought when she mixes up the casual plaid shirt that feels very work shirt-ish, with that more elegant swingy skirt–the kind of mix a lot of women out there are pretty afraid to do but I keep begging you all to give a whirl at.

So the Lumber-Chic look is gaining momentum and if you don’t believe me, go to the mall. The other day I was at J Crew and Madewell where plaid flannel shirts reminiscent of lumberjacks and the grunge movement in the ’90′s and Curt Cobain– were featured everywhere I turned.

How do you make the flannel look more modern, and more, well, attractive than the schlubby way we typically envision? What’s typical is wearing your plaid flannel with faded jeans and some Frye boots. What isn’t, is pairing it here as Gywneth did with a chic skirt and booties. That’s precisely how you do it. Mix chic with that lumberjack and you’re winter perfection.













Of course Jenna Lyons, J Crew’s Creative Director has us all busting down the flannel stereotype in our minds. This season she has us pairing flannels with beautiful sequins embellished skirts, (above).  Go to J Crew’s website for this very look, at 30% off. I love how Lyons takes polar opposites and brings them together with such modern effect.

The other day I wore the J Crew red flannel, above, with a short, inky A-line skirt above my knees, black tights and Tory Burch riding boots. To finish the look, I added a necklace with gum ball sized pearls. I was epically comfortable and still felt lady-like.

Madewell has a beautiful buffalo check shirt made in the most luscious flannel I probably have ever felt. It is available online and in store for about $55. I plan on pairing mine with a leather patch Rag and Bone A-line skirt and glam it up a bit–unexpected but really compelling.

Buffalo check was done so hip at Rag and Bone  this year. If you’re willing to spend $260 for one of their shirts, you can rock the look on the higher end:











But for my money,  Madewell’s Buffalo Check shirt (below) is just fine. Feels incredible and they nailed the buffalo check perfectly:













The trend has been on the radar of Ryan Gosling to J Lo to Lady Gaga. (Not that any of us want to follow her style.)






















Lumber-Sexy done not-so polished a la Katie Holmes, above.

























Gaga does her version.


















Lumber-Sexy as a sumptuous coat on J Lo.


















Pippa Middleton wearing her buffalo plaid. As always, she needs some help.




















Ryan Gossling looking exceptionally natty as an urban lumberjack.




















Anne Hathaway doing buffalo plaid very enviable justice.

There was a day when I refused to let one flannel shirt enter my closet. Now I can’t get enough. Time for Santa deliver some more for this girl.

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Perfectly Wiggy Solange


Image by Rog Walker



Solange Knowles, Beyonce’s sister has always been much more interesting to me than her mega-star sibling.

Beyonce is mainstream, Solange is the wild card sister you can never pin down on anything. She’s the one who doesn’t give va va voom like her Tom Ford-fishnet-wearing-oft bondage-inspired sister. Instead, she’s usually got the girls on lock-down and she’s jamming some amazing wild print or doing incredible justice to some odd-ball paper bag looking thing that on her, looks like divinity. Sometimes her hair is in an electrically-charged looking afro and sometimes it’s ironed flat and modern.

That’s just it–you never know what Solange is going to give you. She may even clock you in an elevator. You just never know.  Again it’s that wild card element to her all the way around that makes you wonder what the yell is up next with this girl.

And I for one love it all.

















































































































Solange got married last month in New Orleans and it looked like a raucously fun celebration.  Everyone was asked to wear white and the formal picture from it, top photo makes it feel like it was some chic Vogue layout styled by Grace Coddington, all tone on tone beiges and whites.

Solange’s look was by Kenzo and her shoes, Stuart Weitzman. Beyonce wore a Torn dress, about $350, believe it or not.



Beyonce, Jay Z and Blue Ivy Head to Solange's Wedding






























Image by Rog Walker






































































Tina their mother (above)  went for some serious old school Hollywood in a white column long sleeve gown. She looked perfectly beautiful. Seriously? Mother of the Bride. Wow.

But for your Hip Reporter, the Best Dressed at Solange’s wedding goes to J Crew’s Jenna Lyons who showed up in a fur jacket, crisp white blouse and ostrich feather evening skirt. It was brilliant, demonstrated thought and respect for the bride’s wishes and just plain looked chic, just more of that mish-mashed glamour we’re used to with Lyons because of her past similar red carpet appearances at the Met Gala.  While everyone took “Dress in All White” literally, Jenna did beautiful parchment shades of  taupes and beiges which looked pretty freaking cool paired with the crumbly patina and shabby chic of the New Orleans backdrop.

Solange just has this insane ability to morph into something bigger than her sister, more interesting —and she proved it once again at her wedding.  Her looks just stay rattling around in your brain because they’re always so creative and so far from Beyonce’s predictable sexy commercialism.  Beyonce is mainstream, Solange, nope.

I’ll always take the girl who walks in to a room dressed a little wiggy. Because wiggy trumps sexy to me any day.






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Who knew she was this beautiful?




















My daughter and I were goofing around in the kitchen talking after Thanksgiving. She was putting on makeup and decided to be silly and emphasize her eyebrows. She has beautiful auburn hair yet her eyebrows are almost a translucent blonde.

She turned around to me after she had made strides to draw on a perfect brow that on her, looked bigger than life considering her natural look and I instantly giggled at her playfulness. I told her she had Joan Crawford eyebrows. But of course being 24, she had no idea who she was. Having the computer handy, I pulled up images of Joan to show her and ended up almost falling off my chair.

I was only vaguely familiar with the Joan Crawford of Bette Davis days in their contentious acting and real life roles in the movie they co-starred in “What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?” Their infamously poisonous relationship on set was the stuff of legends to this day and it all centered around competition and jealousy over years and years within their profession as actresses and with the handsome co-stars they fought over for affections.

What I didn’t realize was that Joan was utterly stunning when she was younger that she was not the hairy, eyebrow-ed, beady eyed  and pinch-lipped woman who struggled with mental illness and alcohol and who rumor has it, slept her way to the top, only to tumble down off her perch as age advanced and opportunities diminished. Even back then, the lens of the camera preferred the fresh blush of youth. Joan’s days were numbered and like many Hollywood starlets of her day, she suffered deeply when she aged and was no longer the swan of her youth.

Here follow some breathtaking (some of them surprisingly modern to this day) photographs of Joan Crawford in her youth and heyday. I think they will leave you too, without words as they did me. Who knew she was this beautiful?

Manticore Imaging




































































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Five Cold Weather Superstars





Winter is soon upon us.

My pool, a few months ago, a welcoming reflection of summer’s haze now looks a bit sinister. Leaves clutter its bottom and wolf spiders lie in wait in the basket filters to torment and attack me when I go to empty them.

Summer’s last sweet note has been sung–even in South Carolina where I live and now it is time to add layers and layers upon us, draping ourselves in structured blazers, riding boots as vertical as chimneys and sweaters that bulk us up like inflated inner tubes.

Can you tell I am a bit fraught with the onslaught of shorter, nippier days that bring with it the onslaught of winter woolens?

But we can only fight it for so long. My closet looks like a bomb went off in it. I refuse to switch out my summer wardrobe for winter and with cooler temps here in the South lately, I have had to import my cool weather clothes and mix them in with the summer. It’s a mess. I can barely stand to open my closet door. Sigh.

Still, inasmuch as I dread winter rolling in with it’s pervasive gray-ness, I have been working on making my current fall and winter pieces even more ‘au currant’ with the addition of a few well-chosen items that I know will be great investments– and accessories that make those classics completely hip and fresh for a new season ahead.

Here follow five quick must haves for Fall 2014. At least in my opinion.


















1. The Irish Sweater. 

Question:  What is life without one classic Irish sweater hanging in your closet?

Answer:  Like an unending, unforgiving damp rain in Limerick–not nice.

Lest you think the Irish sweater is passe, fuddy-duddy, too preppy, too whatever, listen up–you will never own a better, more flattering, more versatile, more cool sweater in your life except for maybe a black cashmere turtleneck.

The Irish sweater goes with everything hanging in your closet and everything you’ve yet to buy that will hang in your closet.

Pair it with a kilt and moto boots. Subversively sublime. Top it over a striped button down and make sure the tail of your shirt hangs out at the bottom, add booties, boyfriend jeans rolled up so a bit of your leg shows and you’re fashion gold. Pair it with a long peasant skirt and beat up Fryes underneath and channel the crunchy. Top a leather moto jacket in black over it, grab a thick, studded leather bracelet (a la Hermes Collier de Chien, left) aclk  and you have a look you can wear until you’re 99.



If it was good enough for Steve McQueen about what, fifty years ago, it’s just fine by me.










You’ll find the best Irish-inspired sweaters at Vince and J Crew.










2. The Mary Jane


Every year a designer or two or three or more churns out their version of the Mary Jane. (Above, Yves St Laurent for Fall 2014, about $800)  And just so you know– there are bad, bad Mary Janes out there every year. Really bad.

Here’s the thing:  you are going to have to drop some dinero on a pair of Mary Janes, if you choose to buy.  For whatever reason, they are just that shoe (like a pair of riding boots) that you just can’t skimp on or they look tragic. I have no idea why. I have tried to figure this out. I do not have the answer.

I will say this–Mary Janes that are not well made always, always end up looking dumpy and nerdy and sad. They do. You can argue with me all you want but they do. You have to spend some money on Mary Janes. You can get cheap sandals, you can get cheap pumps but you just cannot get cheap Mary Janes or you look cheap. 

So now that we’ve  got that little spiel out of the way. On to the good stuff.
















This year Ralph Lauren sent his new Polo line (gorgeous!) models down the runway in Mary Janes to chic effect, above and below.














Hedi Slimane, chief designer at Yves St Laurent Mary Jane-d his models on the catwalk.  It was school girl done so not nerdy.














Chloe made a terrific pair of T-strap Mary Janes for fall, about $400:











Tory Burch churns out her version of preppy meets urban Mary Janes that are greedily swooped up by women from coast to coast most every season. For Fall 2014, she was inspired by ‘the Mary Jane of Ireland’, the Ghillie, below.











All this to say, Mary Janes get a bad rap. They’re thought of as a nerdy shoe, a frumpy, unnecessary and un-fashion-y addition to one’s image– and that’s just not fair. I have a pair of patent Marc Jacobs Mary Janes from years back that I pull out in the fall. And when I do,  I get stopped.

I find a zillion different ways to wear them; they look modern and fresh every single time. In fact I wore them today to church and while the choir was belting out a hymn, I stole a glance at my Mary Janes and smiled.

J Crew always makes some great Mary Janes that are more affordable.  But stay far, far away from no-name Mary Janes  and the crunchy, hippie kind you see in art communities. No, no and no.

Alexa Chung always inspires me when it comes to Mary Janes. She’s often pictured pairing them with a sexy LBD when a tall, sexy sandal would be chosen by anyone else. She rocks her MJ’s to impressive effect and doesn’t look a bit nerdy:



















Love her in Mary Janes and leather skirt, above.

Now this is how you wear a feminine shoe–you take it and wig it out a bit with the edgy–here a pencil leather skirt– and you’ve got a look with the perfect amount of tension–a little lady-like with the subversive. It’s how a modern woman dresses at any age.





Cara Delevingne Sighting In London - April 9, 2013















3. The Beanie

The humble beanie has been gaining momentum and for good cause. Everyone can look so cool in them, no matter your hair color, weight, face shape or your age.  A beanie is just universal.

Cara Delivigne, above seems to wear them so well.  And take note: they always look good with two things–chunky sweaters and leather jackets.

There’s a formula to the best look in a beanie:  No pom pom at the top. A bit of a slouch to the back. A thin knit works best. Ribbing makes it extra special and cashmere–well, it’s the ultimate.

The best beanies are by Vince and they’re thin and cashmere and have the perfect slouch, below.







Ralph Lauren also does a sexy beanie. Go to each respective website and you’ll find them there. Expect to pay somewhere between $75 and $100-plus for a cashmere beanie that will never go out of style, always make you look so louche and will keep your warm for many, many winter moons to come.

And if you’re in Asheville, North Carolina, stop by the imitable store, ‘Street Fair’ on Battery Park Avenue where you’ll find some fabulous beanies (amidst all the other incredible finds) in a basket in the back of the store. It’s a thrill to visit and the thrill of the chase really gets your adrenaline up!


























4. The Footless Tight

This was a trend I was perplexed about initially. I have seen footless tights before and have found them unappealing. I’ve thought they are odd and dopey-looking and completely useless and irrelevant.

Now I own a pair.

My opinion did a 180 when I saw the Fall 2014 Ralph Lauren Polo runway images (above). Model after model was working the catwalk in these like it was nobody’s biz. I found myself staring at their legs more than the clothes.

What were these odd things? At first I thought they were leggings. I did a little research and found out no, indeed they were not. These were literally footless tights, paired with those aforementioned Mary Janes, mixed with dresses and skirts! I wanted a pair immediately. It’s no secret my legs aren’t my best feature and yet, with a well-made pair of opaque black tights, they come alive and are less menacing!

I ordered a pair from Ralph Lauren online, curious to try this totally new and for me, unexpected look. I actually wore them today and paired them with my Marc Jacobs Mary Janes, a short tartan plaid skirt and an Irish sweater. I got the once over often because it was such an unusual look and I would like it to think it was not only flattering but confusing…What is she wearing? Are those tights? Are they leggings? Why do they have the foot cut out?

This look is so completely cool, I struggle for words. What could have been really, really bad on me and not age appropriate, ended up being modern, flattering, comfortable and so hip I was sold.

Take a chance this fall and try this runway trend. You can get footless tights at Nordstroms too. The ‘Commando’ brand footless tight Nordies carries online gets high marks and comes in light control. I plan on trying that brand too.

This look is best with Mary Janes. I’ve seen footless tights paired with pumps and to me, it comes of looking a little ‘Flashdance’/clubbin’ to me. Ralph gets it right on the runway with the Mary Janes. I’d stick with those.



5. The Camp Sock










If God is in the details, then camp socks or fall 2014 are directly from His hands to our feet. Once again, the Ralph Lauren Fall runway provided inspiration for this look.  Models wore them scrunched with hick-soled clogs and sandals of all things. And did they ever look fantastic.




















Add a diaphanous, romantic silk dress with it and it’s just inspired dressing.  I bought a pair and wore them with a platform bootie and a Polo RL maxi black henley dress I got for winter, paired with Western concho belt the other day. Yes, I got stopped and yes, I was comfortable to the nth degree.

It’s amazing what a small detail like that will do for a look.

You’ll find the best camp socks in black, navy, and even brown at Ralph Lauren online and J Crew online. And not only are they are cheap pop of cool for your fall looks, they are really comfortable and cozy to wear. You’ll hate to take them off at the end of the day…


The cold weather doesn’t seem so menacing with a few well-edited additions to your closet, right?





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